Diesel Exhaust


Regular Price: $749.99 - Sale Price: $649.99 - Discount: 13%


Looking to gain a little power and mileage out of your diesel truck? How about a nice throaty sound? With 4″ turbo back kits from $649.99 installed and others available, we can get you what you are looking for!!


“Stock is Just No Fun”

Edge Evolution Programmers


Regular Price: $799.99 - Sale Price: $549.99 - Discount: 31%


Edge Evolution Programmers has a new line of CS and CTS programmers on special while supplies last! Increase fuel economy, horsepower and torque. To complete the package, add a 4″ Stainless exhaust and a free flowing Air Intake to maximize performance!


“Stock is Just No Fun”

Diesel Oil Change Special:


Starting from $129.95


Lucas 15w40 High TBN oil
– Delco Oil Filter
– Brake / Front end inspection
– Tire inspection/pressure check
– Lube chassis, door / hood / tailgate latches
– Fluid check / top up
– Wash windshield / inspect wipers

**  Upgrade to Royal Purple 15w40 Synthetic / Lucas 15w40 Magnum synthetic from $34.99

**  Upgrade to Power-Up Engine Maxx additive from $24.99

RACE me tuners


Sale Price: $1019.99


RACE me tuners for 07-12 Dodge Ram Cummin’s 6.7L

-this product is capable of eliminating emissions components and is legal for off-road and race use only

-  ncreased horsepower and toque with multiple settings

Iron Cross Bumpers


Regular Price: $3299.99 - Sale Price: $2799.99 - Discount: 15%


Front and rear installed $2799.00 plus tax.


50% deposit required.

Ready Lift Leveling Kit


With prices starting from  $499.99


Want a more aggressive stance for your truck?  Maybe you would like a little more clearance for some larger tires?  Stop in and talk to us about installing a leveling kit on your truck today.   This also includes a Ready Lift leveling kit, installation and wheel alignment, we can get you looking good in no time !

Diesel Exhaust Brake Special


 Starting from $1899.99


 Towing this summer? Having a hard time holding back on those steep downhill grades? Save your service brakes!  Have us install a BD Diesel exhaust brake today !

Power-Up Gen49D and Diesel FX


Ultra Low Sulpher Diesel (ULSD) contains less than .0015ppm sulpher.  Sulpher is one of the main components required to lubricate those costly injectors and injection pumps in your diesel engine. Power-Up Gen49D and Diesel FX fuel additives put back that lubricating property and add the benefit of cetane booster for improved horsepower and fuel economy


One Liter bottle treats up to 1250 liters of Diesel and costs as little as $2.00 per tank !


Stop in today and ask us more about saving your fuel system from costly repairs.

Sea Foam – Motor Treatment


Regular Price: $14.99 - Sale Price: $12.99 - Discount: 14%


Safely frees sticky lifters and piston rings, removes carbon build-up and oil residue, reduces pinging and rough idle. For Carburetors or Fuel Injected Gasoline Engines – Autos – Trucks – Tractors – Motorcycles – Marine – Small Engines – Industrial Engines Great for Diesel Engines Too!


Sea Foam® Motor Treatment is a 100% pure petroleum product that safely and effectively cleans internal fuel and oil system components, helping your gasoline or diesel engine run cleaner and more efficiently. Sea Foam® is an EPA-registered product, and will not harm engine components, seals, gaskets, catalytic converters or oxygen sensors.


Sea Foam® liquefies gum and varnish deposits or internal engine contaminants, removing carbon deposits, freeing sticky valve lifters and rings, improving idle quality, pinging and hesitation problems. By using Sea Foam® to eliminate varnish and carbon buildup, mechanics can more accurately diagnose mechanical problems that may exist. That is why Sea Foam® has been so popular with professional mechanics for over 65 years.


As a fuel system additive, Sea Foam® will clean carburetors, fuel injectors, clean carbon, gum and varnish deposits, add lubricity to fuel, stabilize fuel for 2 years and control moisture.

As an oil system additive, Sea Foam® controls moisture, gum, varnish and residue deposits.


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