Offering same-day service on a full range of services for diesel powered vehicles has set Ground Force Performance apart from the competition. We understand the importance of minimum downtime and work towards completing maintenance quickly with maximum efficiency and a high level of quality.


We provide high-quality OE (original equipment) parts and competent diagnostic equipment.


GM Duramax Diesel Service, Dodge Cummins Diesel Service, Ford Powerstroke Diesel Service


Services we provide;


-  Diagnostics – State-of-the-art testing using factory scanner tools.

-  Complete engine overhauls, engine swaps, upgrades

-  Fuel injection servicing, cleaning / replacing

-  Turbo servicing, repairs / adjustments / upgrades

-  Tune Ups

-  Brakes – Replacement of rotors,calipers, and brake pads

-  Electrical and Electronics

-  Flywheels – Repair and replacement

-  Suspensions.

-  Transmissions

-  Differentials

-  Wheel Bearings

-  U-Joints

-  Oil and filter

-  Shocks and Struts

-  Tire Balancing – Electronic tire balancing for accuracy.

-  Tire Sales

-  Safety Inspections


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Diesel Service

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