Performance Diesel packages from Groundforce Performance will improve fuel economy and increase your ability to get to your destination ahead of the pack! Decrease temperatures, improve performance and longevity.




•  3 Separate Performance Programs

•  Quick and Easy Installation

•  Additional 100 HP and 200 ft lb Torque

•  Increases Fuel Economy*

•  Displays and Clears Trouble Codes

•  Displays 0-60 and Quarter Mile Times

•  Adjusts Speed and Rev Limiter


The Evolution automatically makes a backup of your stock program before proceeding to add a new program. This assures that you will have the stock program if/when you desire to reprogram your vehicle to its original stock program.


The Evolution is also a powerful diagnostics tool. Not only can you view trouble codes your vehicle may be displaying- which allows you to fix them, but you can turn off that “Check Engine” light when the program has been addressed. No more trips to the dealer for a diagnostics tool.


The Evolution’s small, lightweight design allows personalized control with the touch of a button. With a backlit LCD screen, seeing and reading codes is now a simple process. The unit not only displays codes, but also displays a description of what these codes means, which eliminates copying the code down and then finding the manual to look them up.


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Performance Diesel

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