Gen49D Diesel Fuel System Treatment



 As fuel prices continue to rise higher than ever, consumers everywhere are focusing on energy-saving solutions, such as small, fuel-efficient vehicles and hybrid technology.  But, how can these rising fuel prices be diminished for those who are unable or unwilling to trade in their current vehicles?  Power Up presents Gen 49D, a fuel-saving diesel fuel conditioner that will save you money without any hefty down payments. Gen49D is has been specifically designed to work with and improve your diesel fuel.  This superior additive has been developed and refined using the latest technology to service all the requirements of today’s demanding market.  Adding a small amount of Gen49D to every tank of diesel fuel allows you to keep your hard-earned money in your wallet.

Diesel FX High Pressure Fuel Injector Antifoulant



Diesel FX:


-  Improve Fuel Economy

-  Boost Power to the Ground

-  Clean Injector Deposits

-  Extend Fuel Filter & Injector Life

-  Reduce Harmful Emissions

-  Decrease Maintenance Costs and Downtime


Diesel FX™ is a performance enhanced High Pressure Fuel Injector Antifoulant.  Diesel FX prevents filter plugging and injector fouling due to extreme pressures and temperatures in today’s common rail fuel injection systems.  It also increases cetane number, disperses moisture, and contains both a fully synthetic lubricity improver and corrosion inhibitor.  Although developed for newer model vehicles, Diesel FX can be used in any diesel engine.  For use in ULSD and Biodiesel blends.


Power Up Diesel FX™ Advanced Diesel Fuel Treatment provides the following benefits for both ULSD and Biodiesel blends:


-  Increases cetane number

-  Improves fuel economy

-  Cleans and prevents injector deposits in high pressure fuel injection systems

-  Prevents filter plugging caused by thermal stressing within the engine

-  Reduces harmful exhaust emissions

-  Prevents fuel soot and sludge formation, extending fuel filter and injector life

-  Enhances lubricity with a fully synthetic, non-acid lubricity improver

-  Water dispersant to help safely remove water on a gradual basis

-  Contains synthetic corrosion inhibitor

-  Reduces cost of maintenance and downtime

Black-Out™ Diesel Fuel System Antifoulant


  Iis a new fuel additive created specifically to improve the performance of ULSD in newer model vehicles equipped with high pressure fuel injectors.  This is the latest addition to the impressive line Power Up of fuel additives.  It complies with the federal low sulfur content requirements and does not exceed 15ppm.  While traditional detergents may have historically been effective in combating injector deposits, these products are proving less feasible in modern heavy duty diesel engines and the treat rates required to have any impact are simply not effective.  At the same time, the need to remove deposits in and around the injector valve seat and nozzle has become even more critical to overall performance.


Power Up Black-Out™ Diesel Fuel System Antifoulant has been formulated to:


-  Clean and prevent deposits in high pressure fuel filters & injection systems

-  Inhibit fouling of ultra low sulfur diesel

-  Prevent fuel filter black sludge deposits

-  Maintain efficient filter performance

-  Restore lost horsepower

-  Reduce harmful exhaust emissions

-  Provide thermal & oxidative stability

-  Maximize optimum fuel economy


Black-Out™ Diesel Fuel System Antifoulant is a highly innovative multifunctional middle distillate fuel additive that offers a number of important benefits to fleet operators.  It prevents the formation of fuel soot by conditioning ULSD to withstand the extreme temperatures and high pressures of today’s fuel injection systems.  It also cleans up existing deposits, returning injectors to “like new” condition within a short time period.


This new Power Up fuel additive not only maintains the thermal and oxidative stability of ULSD, it also prevents the formation of black sludge.  This is a common problem which can escalate in high pressure engine units operating at high temperatures.  Over time, contaminants from unburnt fuel and combustion soot build up to form a thick black sludge.  This sludge ultimately affects performance.

As a result of using Black-Out, fuel filter plugging is reduced dramatically.  Field tests suggest the filter lifecycle is extended from between 8,000 and 20,000km to approximately 48,000km.  It is estimated that savings on fuel filters alone could cover the cost of using Black-Out Diesel Fuel System Antifoulant.


With injectors cleaned and maintained, operators can expect fewer injector failures and optimum combustion at all times.  this makes for a more efficient engine which benefits from restored power, reduced emissions and better fuel economy.




The formation of black soot-like deposits in the fuel filter is caused by these extreme high temperatures and pressures.  Under these conditions, the ULSD is then thermally decomposed in the injection system.  Field tests show that filters are often blocked with the resulting black deposits and need replacing after just 16,000 to 20,000km of operation.














 24,000 km, no additive     48,000 km with Black-Out™


For effective clean-up of problematic fuel system sludging, apply Black-Out™ Diesel Fuel System Antifoulant at a 1:1500 ratio (1L treats 1,500 litres of diesel fuel).  To ensure optimum fuel system performance and protection, use Black-Out™ in combination with Gen49D™ diesel fuel system conditioner.  Black-Out™ performs the clean-up and Gen49D™ provides the fuel system maintenance and performance enhancement.



Black-Out™ Diesel Fuel System Antifoulant is available in the following convenient sizes:












  355ml bottle                      1 Litre bottle

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